encouraging words.

I wasn’t sure I was coming back. To writing, I mean.

I’ve been busy, both in head and heart and hands. With family pain and some long work weeks and a new teaching project and my running, I was running short of time. Reflective time.

I mean, we all have the same 168 hours in a week. We all have schedules and long work weeks. But what I know about myself is that I write better when I have time to reflect. In some seasons, that time disappears.

You know that, right? You know that there are some seasons where you can’t do everything that you think you have to do? You know that it is acceptable to say no to say yes? You know that children aren’t always little, that the edges of the wound of deepest grieving may heal just enough so that you don’t have to keep pressure on the gauze all the time, that a time out can be healthy?

I’m trying to practice that awareness myself.

So why am I back?

Two things.

One early morning I was reading in Hebrews that as long as we are allowed to have days we call “today”, we are to encourage each other. It keeps our hearts softened, keeps us from falling into the hard-edged brittleness formed in our lives when we listen to lies, when we take counsel from evil.

I realized that my way of living out that encouraging is to write 300 words a day.

Then, the other day, on the “today” that I am writing this, Nancy and I were on the sofa.  She was reading, I watched the end of “This Old House.” And then I said, “I need to write.”

As I write, I find the reflective time.

May it extend to reading, too.

13 thoughts on “encouraging words.

  1. David

    I have been having similar thoughts Jon. In the last six weeks I have travelled to five different countries, although one of those weeks was holiday. From some amazing times with God on holiday that prompted four posts in a week I have found little time since then due to being constantly on the road. Like you I need that reflective time and much of my writing comes out of those times. But I too need time to read. There are too many unfinished books in this house.


    1. David

      Thanks Jon. Sweden was wonderful. I have worked there a lot but never had a holiday there. We hope to go back. Good to see you back writing.


  2. josephruizjr

    What a joy to see your emails in my inbox. I know there are seasons, rhythms in life; however, I am also reminded of the joy of today and reading your thoughts today is a gift. Your writing helps me think – it almost feels like a conversation. 😉 Continuing to pray for you and your family.


  3. Rich Dixon

    I’m glad you’re back, partly selfishly but mostly because I think we share a need to put thoughts into words. Sometimes I don’t miss the deadline, but I always miss the words. I sense it’s the same for you.


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