The day after Christmas

No one can think long thoughts the day after Christmas. So here are some short thoughts.

Thank you for supporting Diapers for Advent

Through people I mostly don’t know, kids and parents have more than 1500 diapers available. Each one matters, because each of those kids matters. I’m grateful to those I know and those I don’t for your help. (And the need for diapers doesn’t go away with Advent.)

Buy one, give one free.

There are people who need help through food banks, food pantries, and neighbors. There are people who don’t. What if some of the people who don’t need help, took advantage of “Buy one, get one free” sales and put the free products aside to give to food banks? That way, we still get what we need, and the food bank gets the same quality products we have. And this can apply to cleaning products, toilet paper, paper towel, and other supplies we find basic. Because when we get great deals on what we need, what happens with the money we save?

(see also What food banks need)

A little coaching

Some of us know that we need coaching. We say, “I want to do better at X”. We try hard. We discover that the combination of the doing and the figuring out what to do take time, take energy, take more insight than we currently have. So we say, “here’s what I’m trying to do. Do you have any practical suggestions of where to start?” Sometimes it’s a personal trainer. Sometimes it’s a training plan. Sometimes it’s a simple conversation.

We can find coaching and training plans for running, for eating, for time management, for attention management. I’m not sure where those plans are for spiritual growth. So I’d like to help develop a couple. So help me by answering this question (email or comments): How do you want to grow spiritually in 2015? 

3 thoughts on “The day after Christmas

  1. Matches Malone

    In 2015, I hope to create uplifting films for the big screen that share the message successfully. Specifically, a short film featuring a Christian Superhero to be completed in time for submission to the CCI-IFF festival in July.

    Continue to pray for Team 33 Productions, and have a Happy New Year.


  2. Jen

    Jon, I am so happy to have discovered your blog!
    Here are some coaching questions to help one grow spiritually…
    What might God want to show you in 2015?
    What does “growing spiritually” look like to you?
    What impact could “growing spiritually” have on you personally? Your family? Friends? Workplace?
    What are you doing now to grow?
    What else might you do?
    What tools do you need?
    What is one step you can take in the next week?

    And a question just for you, Jon… What might result from providing spiritual coaching plans for others? (My response is a HUGE WOW!)
    To God Who can do exceedingly more than we ask or imagine…


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