Spiritual training: Training plans

Happy New Year!

We’re talking about spiritual training this week. We looked at finding one thing to work on and at finding examples of maturity and specific skills and capacities to develop.

The fourth question is: What would a training plan look like?

When you are training for a marathon (or 5K), you can find plans that tell you what to do on each day of the week to develop your ability to run well 12 weeks in the future. You don’t have to spend time researching what to do, you follow the plan.

I’m not going to give you plans right now, but I will suggest how to develop a plan based on the previous posts.

1. Ask God for direction

2. Identify activities that would develop the capacities.

  • if you are developing generosity, consider buy one, give one
  • if you are working on fasting, share meals rather than simply not eating.
  • if you are wanting to develop your capacity in working with the “the least of these”, start by having conversations with people you don’t know. 
  • if you are working on celebrating Sabbath, schedule meals with people who feed your soul.
  • if you are working on gratitude, write thank you cards.
  • if you are working on joy, identify the music that feeds your heart.

3. Put the activities into your life schedule.

  • every Monday I will schedule a meal on Saturday with someone who energizes me (a sabbath meal).
  • every time I shop, I will buy one thing for a food bank.
  • three days a week at lunchtime, after giving thanks for the food, I will write a thank you card for something that happened the previous day.
  • when I am out walking, I will say “hello” to everyone I pass.
  • every Friday morning I will listen to one song from “The Messiah”

We’ll talk more about this next week. If you are working on this process, I’d love to know.


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