Futbol injuries.

So, tell me about the scratches in your iPad.

I was carrying it under my arm.


A couple of us started playing a little soccer with a couple kids, just tapping the ball back and forth.


We were doing pretty well. Until one of the kids tapped it a little hard and away from me.


We were playing on a hill, and I was on the downhill side.


I didn’t want the ball to go into the drainage ditch, which was kind of uncertain


And I ran after the ball, but there was a speed bump because it was actually a concrete road we were playing on and so I stumbled on the speed bump and couldn’t catch myself and went down. But Brennan said I rolled pretty good and my lip hardly bled at all, and my elbows are pretty okay and the zi8 that was in my pocket has a cracked screen but it works fine and the iPad didn’t break. Oh, and the street was in a poor area outside a city in Nepal and we were in fine view of the Himalayas


IMG_1059And later I was talking with a kid named M who speaks great English and loves America and watches wrestling and has a dad working in Qatar and is on Instagram and wanted to see my pictures of America. Which I have mostly deleted from my iPad because I’ve filled the memory with pictures of Nepal. But he liked the pictures of Nepal and talked about its natural beauty and looking at the mountains when he gets up every morning. And when I talked about futbol he said that his friend had been playing with us, and couldn’t speak English but wanted to tell me he was sorry. And then I saw the friend and Munoz’s cousin and nephew and friends and exchanged Facebook and Instagram names and almost cried when I said goodbye to them walking up the long hill from their village.

And that’s what happened to my iPad case.

Only my heart got hurt.

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  1. Elaine Stauss

    Thanks for your sharing this! !!
    Thank You ,Jesus, for beautiful fun ministry through Jon and others !!! And protection for Jon.


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