A coffee break.

A week and more into our trip, I was sitting at a table, alone next to the lake.  I needed the alone. I needed the coffee. I needed to write.

So I did. And just as I was finishing both coffee and email, some friends showed up and joined me for coffee. It was worth stopping for. It was worth another cup.

1891309_10153169983997008_392153597809410334_oAs we were thinking about leaving, some music started at the motel which is part of the restaurant (yes, that order is correct.) We realized that it was a Chris Tomlin song. We tried to figure out whether it was coming from a room or what. We finally decided it was the sound system. Realize that because of the climate, everything is pretty open-air. Realize that because of the culture, a Christian playlist was unusual.

When we paid, the money guy took the bill over to a small building which had some candles in a little display case. As we were looking, a man came over and asked if we wanted to look at the cookbook and opened the case. We looked instead at the candles, which had labels that said, ‘homemade candles by handmade people.’

“My two sisters and I work on them. One of my sisters supports herself now this way.”

We noticed the labels, we said.

“Yes. My sister did that. She’s the one who told me about Jesus.”

Jaimasi, we said. Greetings in the name of Jesus.

it’s a risky greeting in Nepal, but a clarifying one.

Jaimasi,” he said.

We noticed the music, we said.

“I’m in charge today so I picked the music.”

Thank you brother, we said as we bought candles.

We introduced ourselves. “Jon,” he said. “That one’s in the Bible.”

He laughed.

It was, in fact, a very good coffee.