A word on streaks.

(A guest post from Ted Harris)

18,937 – 2,632 – 56 – 24 – 23 – 16

All of these numbers carry little significance except to the person they represent.

18,937 straight days I have awakened to a new day. 2,632 consecutive games played by Cal Ripken, Jr. 56 straight games with a hit for Joe DiMaggio. 24 straight All-Star appearances by Stan Musial and Willie Mays. 23 straight regular season wins by Peyton Manning and the Colts.

SIMG_0983treaks are most prominent in the world of sports but can carry great meaning in our personal lives.  Personally, I have been on a running streak – 85 consecutive days of running at least one mile. My goal is to make it to 365. Many have asked why and some have even mocked my sanity in sticking to such a crazy meaningless streak.

Are such streaks meaningless? Is it really insane to set out to do something on a consistent basis that will add to the quality of your life or someone else’s? Streaks teach us hard work, perseverance, discipline, and focus. Yes, there are losing streaks but that’s not what we are talking about. We establish a streak, establish the discipline in order to better ourselves or our situation. That number 16 at the end of the list represent the years that friends of mine have been clean from drugs that nearly ruined their lives.

What I have discovered is you have to respect the streak. Sure there have been times when I didn’t ‘feel’ like running. There were a few times where I only ran the one mile minimum at 11:00 pm just to get it in (that usually led to the mocking). And there may come a time when the streak ends. What then? My plan is to get up the next morning and start a brand new streak.

I hope you start or continue your streak.

Right now, I gotta run – literally – today is number 86 of 365.


Ted and Sari Harris and I have known each other for nearly thirty years. But we haven’t seen each other for twenty-five.  And Ted and I never, ever thought of running together. Until June 9, when we both extended our running streaks by one more day. He’s a pastor in Muncie, Indiana