Small beauty at perfect moments.

On Friday, I was writing a wedding meditation. Nancy was in Michigan with her dad. While he was mowing, she was tending her mother’s flowers.

Her mother has been gone for almost two years, and couldn’t do much with her flowers for a couple years before that. But because she planted perennials, there are still flowers. And roses are perennials. They grow and blossom on their own. But when tended, they do even better.

mms95pictureWhile I was thinking about the wedding, about the love God has for his people, Nancy sent me a picture of the roses she cut. It made me smile. Because she is gifted at sharing small beauty at the perfect moments.

Nancy will make it clear that she isn’t a flower arranger, that others make the massive displays. In fact, she will argue that she’s not a massive display person in any area. Emotions, presentations, decor.

What she does, however, is tends things. She cares for her mother’s plants. She cares for her kids. She cares for her friends. And she shares small beauty at the perfect moments. Flowers, muffins, words, smiles.

The wedding on Saturday was simple. This couple isn’t much for massive display. They are practical, caring, committed to each other. They have been known to shop at the large green container behind the Aldi store. They give themselves to support roles and to God.

They specifically didn’t have a unity symbol in their ceremony. But they had a quiet time where their parents blessed them. Prayers which will, like rose bushes, linger for years.

I do love watching the expressions of love at weddings. Sometimes in the couple. But mostly the long-term self-sacrificing love of others that got them here.

The kind of love that they, hopefully, are about to start offering to each other. Like sharing small beauty at the perfect moments.


2 thoughts on “Small beauty at perfect moments.

  1. Elaine Stauss

    Beautiful thoughts and expression of the most important things in life. Like using the God-given who we are to create beauty in our lives and those around us.
    Thank you.


  2. Andy Ford

    Little things mean a lot. If all we had were the big things, we’d have great memories, but very few recent ones.


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