Can’t hear that voice because I’m going too fast

Jon was talking with another Paul in a recent post: “You think we could come up with some applications? Some simple take-aways?”

That really resonated with me. I thought about how I often I write First Friday posts with the idea of giving you and me some things to do so that we can become better people or live more like Jesus.

With an emphasis on do.

I know you’re heard already about the virtues of being vs. doing.

God wants us to do and be. But sometimes we need to be, first.

God speaks with a gentle whisper.

How can we hear a gentle whisper if we’re frantically running from place to place?

God wants us to be still enough that we can listen to Him.

Sometimes when we slow down, we’ll hear that voice. His voice will often then tell us what to do. Other times we need to wait to hear that voice before we start on the do.

Remember that little 2-year old you know who runs a million miles an hour until they hit a wall and it’s bedtime?

I can definitely relate.

So let’s take a deep breath, rest, chill, sleep, breathe some more – and listen.

Paul Merrill writes here every first Friday.