Humility hurts

Over and over, I’ve made mistakes that have landed me in a place of having to admit that I am wrong. And it hurts to be seen as weak or inadequate. Our culture fights against being seen as less than a super-strong person with nearly every voice we hear.

Another way we have to butt up against humility is by living in a situation that we know is wrong – but one we can’t change.

Microsoft makes me crazy. Many of the ways their software interfaces work are like being forced to write left-handed – and I’m right-handed. Yet every day of my work week, I use Microsoft software for much of how I accomplish my job.

Jesus lived in a time when the government was less than perfect. And yet he asked his followers to give to Caesar what was Caesar’s – in the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke!

No matter what happens next week in the USA, those of us who reside here will have to live under a government that has policies and approaches to governance that we will not be happy with. But in humility, we need to pray for our leaders, understanding that God has allowed them to be there.

Humility also means correction. When my kid wants to run out into the street while chasing a ball, I have to grab his arm hard to prevent him from getting run over by a car. Similarly, God sometimes corrects me in painful ways.

Maybe God will use a little pain in our lives to make us be more like Jesus. Or to give us opportunities to become people that will help others better deal with their pain.

And maybe I am learning some good things by using Microsoft products – or at least to stop grumbling about it.

Paul, Jon, and Nancy

Paul, Jon, and Nancy actually in the same place.

(Paul Merrill writes here every First Friday.)