Love anyway.

(I asked my sister Jill to tell us about an organization she introduced me to. When I couldn’t imagine what to do about refugees near Mosul, these people didn’t have to imagine. Because they are there.)

Writing about an organization I love in 300 words is challenging when all I really need is two:  LOVE ANYWAY.

I’m thankful for friends who help me discover new ways of serving and loving others.  Last year I was introduced to Preemptive Love Coalition and it rocked my world. I did a fundraiser around Christmas and was sure that would be it…just promote them a little, give them $500 and be done.  As usual…God had a different plan.  He is using Preemptive Love to open my eyes to a different side of the stories I hear in the media. I am seeing faces of people Jesus loves instead of hashtags meant to evoke false passion. I am learning to love people the world tells me to fear.

Food, shelter, and medical assistance are all tangible expressions of love.  When I see how Preemptive Love Coalition runs into the confusing and dangerous places, I’m overcome with conviction.  I am learning to measure the way I spend my own money.  What is the value of my cup of coffee if I know a woman my age on the other side of the world is living a borrowed tent? But it’s more than that, especially in our current national and world climate.

Loving across enemy lines, sectarian divides, party affiliations,
and political divisions is the mission of Preemptive Love Coalition.  They are running into the battle, ready to aid refugees fleeing cities like Fallujah and Mosul in Iraq as they are freed from ISIS and finding new ways to serve in Syria.   In a time where we have learned to ask questions (and another subset of questions) before we take steps to what looks like loving Preemptive Love Coalition is leading by example and teaching us to Love First and Ask Questions Later.


Jpreemptiveloveill is just.jill.b on instagram.

Watch Jeremy Courtney, founder of Preemptive Love, speaking at Wheaton College.

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