Things to help us remember

coffee cup

Two coffee mugs are part of my daily life.

Those mugs remind me of my two sisters. Each sister gave me a mug as a gift. (They know I love coffee.) Many times when I lift one of those mugs to my lips, I remember that sister and pray for her and her family.

God knew that we would forget. He told Joshua to ask His people to put a large pile of 12 stones on the banks of the Jordan River so that Israelites could remember how God gave them the new land on that side of the river (Joshua 4).

It’s easy to forget that there were two piles of stones that Joshua had his priests build in that same chapter of the Bible. Jon wrote about that other pile of stones. But I’m writing about the more obvious set of stones – the pile on the banks of the Jordan. It was for the children of the people who saw God part the waters of that river.

I’m too often like a child. I forget all the good things that God has done for me, like giving me sisters (and a brother) that I love. And I forget to pray for them.

So the simple act of using those special mugs reminds me of the ones who gave me the mugs.

As we start this new year, think of one simple thing you can add to your life that will remind you to spend a few extra moments talking with God during your day.

(Paul Merrill writes here every First Friday.)