You only feel alone.

I mentioned that Elijah had been polishing a speech for God. Here’s what happened for the six weeks before he talked at God on a mountain after hearing a soft wind.

For the previous 39 mornings, Elijah awakened in the wilderness. He was on a cross-country hike to this place, this mountain. He’s been preparing this speech for that whole trip, planning exactly what he was going to say to God, to complain to God.

He was alone in the wilderness, not eating, just trekking.

Two mornings before that, Elijah was on another mountain, praying for rain.

There hadn’t been any rain for years, not since Elijah had told King Ahab that the rain would stop. Ahab and his wife Jezebel had led the country into disobedience. God was ignored completely. And the rains stopped.

tea-mountainsAnd 42 days before this day before God, Elijah challenged the prophets hired by Ahab and Jezebel to a divine duel. There were altars with gallons of water poured on top,soaking the wood. There was fire from heaven, consuming the altar, in one of the comparatively few examples of fire from heaven.

God won. The rains came. And then Jezebel threatened to kill Elijah.

And Elijah started running for his life toward God. He laid down and begged to die.

When he woke up, there was an angel. Elijah felt alone but God assured him that he wasn’t God also provided supper, and then, after another nap, breakfast before this 40 day journey. And God even provided a safe place to sleep.

We’re never alone. We always have God. But often, as God told Elijah, there are faithful people that we can’t see. But God can.

Just because that person says they want to kill you doesn’t mean that they will or can or should.

So on what feels like one of the worst days of your life, you aren’t as alone as you feel.