Not as bad as you think.

The second truth on what feels like the worst day of your life is this: You aren’t really the worst failure in the world.

wavesAfter the feeding of the 15,000 and Jesus spending time on the mountain while the disciples rowed into the wind, Jesus came walking to the disciples. When Jesus identified himself, Peter said, “If it’s you, command me to come to you.” Jesus said, “come” and Peter was walking on the water toward Jesus. He realized how strong the wind was. And Peter went down.

Many people have talked about that moment and have turned this into a story about not doubting, about continuing to look at Jesus.

And it is likely that Peter may have lost faith for a moment.

But he was walking on the water when it happened. Seriously. He.Was.Walking.On.The.Water. He was out of the boat. He was looking at Jesus. He was moving.

You know, it’s possible to describe Peter as the second biggest failure in the Bible. Paul is the first one, of course. Paul was killing Christians.

But Peter argued with Jesus. Peter questioned Jesus. Peter denied knowing Jesus. Peter fell into the water. Peter could have been viewed as the worst failure among the disciples.

And Jesus loved him, forgave him, rescued him.

On the days that feel like they must be the worst day of your life, even if you’ve done those things, even if you feel like God must be forgetting you because you are such a mess-up, relax. Peter, at the time, was at least as distracted as you. And Jesus grabbed Peter’s hand over and over and over.

So please listen to this. (And remind me of it) You aren’t as bad as you are afraid you are. And God’s not as mad at you as you think he is.


Tomorrow is the last of the things to remember on what feels like the worst day of your life, but isn’t.

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