The second greatest

Copyright 2017, Paul MerrillIt’s as vital as breathing to be loved. That’s a common line of thinking in popular psychology,* but Jesus also underlined the importance of loving others. It’s the second greatest commandment! Think of that – Jesus totally knew the ten commandments, but He said loving others is more important than not killing someone.

And love happens where we are known. When we can let down our “everything’s alright” facade from work or school and let people in, we share our hurts and fears, then healing can happen. Our vulnerability has to happen in a warm safe place where we know we won’t be attacked for a different way or thinking or for our failures.

Heather and I are starting a small group from people who are part of our church. It’s a new season, just like the start of school, so it’s a natural time to begin something new.

We desire for our group to be a place where we can get to know each other, learn from each other and learn from God together.

One way we want to go deeper in learning is to discuss the sermon from Sunday. It’s great to hear our pastor’s reflections on truths from God’s Word, but we can internalize those truths if we chew more deeply on those ideas among our peers.

Sharing our needs and praying for each other will be a vital part. We’ll do that over a meal, so we all have a chance to feed our bodies at the same time.

How are you finding community? Are you going it alone? Don’t. Find a group to open up with. Be watered and fed.

* Why We All Need to Belong to Someone appeared in Psychology Today. There is some truth there, but I don’t agree with the whole article.

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