Time goes quick and…

illustration of time vs. giftsJust over a year ago, I shared a meal with Jon and Nancy in Indiana.

It’s not often that this guy from Colorado makes it over to the heartland, so that meal together was a special gift.

We enjoyed a few short hours together and connected like it had been a few months and not several years since we had seen each other last.

But the striking thing about our time together is that it was a whole year ago. As I thought about our time together earlier this morning, that meal seemed like it was three months ago.

They always say that time goes faster as you get older. That has definitely been my experience.

Which leads to my question – what am I doing with the rest of my days?

I’ve been reading 2 Samuel. In chapter 3, David mourned the death of one of his enemies, Abner. David’s compassion made an impression on the whole nation: “This pleased the people very much. In fact, everything the king did pleased them!” (Verse 36)

I want to be known like that. I want to make a positive difference in the lives of the people around me.

Asking hard questions of others is not my gift. (But I am thankful for those who do ask me hard questions.)

Encouraging others is my gift. And it comes out of a compassion for others, maybe a small measure of the kind of compassion David had for Abner.

Think about what your gift is and use it.

I will be trying to use mine – looking for ways to encourage those around me today.

Paul Merrill writes here every first Friday. Paul created the illustration.