That log in my eye, again

“And why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log in your own?” -Jesus, in Matthew 7.


I keep fighting a war with myself over being judgmental.

I’ll discover that someone I know does one of those things that drives me crazy, and that helps me to accept others that do that thing.

For a bit.

Understanding someone’s reasons for their actions helps me be accepting.

Or not… I have a wave of compassion that lasts a while and then wears out.


I remembered a few Bible verses that hit me on various levels. And you can look them up to see how they hit you, along the lines of judging others.

One sheerly practical reason for avoiding judgmental attitudes is that they do no good. In fact, my judgmental attitudes can do significant harm:

  1. By having a negative attitude, I drive people away… who wants to be around an acid-tinged person?
  2. My own anxiety and blood pressure can rise to unhealthy levels.
  3. Dwelling on differences between myself and others just doesn’t move me toward love.

I hope this finds you also wanting to move away from being judgmental. Let’s strive together.

Paul Merrill writes here every first Friday.