Loving one another like Jesus did.

Sometimes I read about loving one another the way that God loves us and loving like God loves and I get lost. The standards seem so high. The ideas seem so abstract. I get completely stuck. Which is hard if you have to teach about it.

So the other day I thought, “What if I came up with a bunch of examples of ways that we could die for one another – or at least live for one another?”

The first one I thought of was this one. A few days after Jesus came back from the dead, some of the disciples were out fishing. This means that after all the work he had done for them and with them, and after a miraculous resurrection, they went back to fishing. To the way they used to live. To the way they used to pay the bills.

Jesus could have scolded them or disowned them. But he didn’t.

He went to them, to where they were. He called out to them. He started by telling them exactly where the fish were.

They caught a lot of fish.

He fixed breakfast for a group of guys who were completely exhausted. He had fish on the fire, but he asked them to bring some of the ones they had caught, allowing them to participate.

After breakfast, He went to Peter and talked to him directly, giving him a chance to come back to his work.

There are people who have completely missed everything we’ve tried to explain to them. It’s like they’ve turned their backs on it and gone back to their normal ways of thinking. Following Jesus, we can love them. We can help them in what they turned to, and then give them another chance. Graciously.

Because Peter’s last day fishing was the best catch he ever had, with the help of Jesus.


Fish story from John 21