StuckSitting in traffic, the word for this post came to me without even having to ask Nancy. Stuck.

I was on a short drive across town to Aldi to replace the dates we had given to someone to give a neighbor for Ramadan.But there was construction and people waiting to merge. And the short drive was taking forever.

And as I was fussing I realize that I should’ve been writing this post. At least in my head and heart. I had time to reflect on why waiting is so hard, why feeling stuck is so frustrating.

Or I could have been praying about the dates and opportunity to show hospitality. Or I could have been asking God for peace for the friends who have lost family members, or who are waiting for test results or treatments or healing. Or I could have been singing or laughing or listening to a podcast. I could have been making the most of the time.

But I wasn’t. Because I felt stuck.

I have a feeling that several of the songs that we know as the Psalms were written while the writer or the community were feeling stuck. I know that many of the letters that Paul wrote were while he was stuck in prison. When Paul told some friends that “our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all,”  He wasn’t talking about the deep pain of being stuck in traffic on a run to Aldi. He was talking about his endurance through beatings and shipwrecks and betrayals and death of friends.

I know that remarkable strength of character has developed in people who were stuck and invest the time and suffering and uncertainty into growth.

But I wasn’t. Because I felt stuck.

Until now.