Pizza is on the grill

“Give us our daily bread.”

IMG_4944.JPGIn his basic outline for talking to God, Jesus invites his followers to ask for bread. Jesus isn’t saying some deep spiritual thing. He’s talking about bread.

Most of those who read my words don’t worry about food most days. But many of us have had stretches in our lives where we weren’t sure where our meals were going to come from. We’ve worked and worried hard. And we look back at what our parents went through and we think, “we were poor”.

And we’ve been through stretches, with deep grief, where we simply couldn’t eat.

And Jesus says, ask God for daily bread, a fresh delivery of something basic that will sustain us through the day. We need a simple meal at a simple table with a quiet, thoughtful, caring friend with the power to give us exactly what we need for the day. We need to make it through the day with just enough awareness of the presence of God that, when we go to bed and review our day, we can say “You did! Today you gave me bread.”

Daily bread on the Fourth of July is pizza. It’s naan bread with apple sausage and other stuff warmed on the grill on the deck and eaten together, Nancy and I. We’re grateful to be together, after spending time with family and funeral so far this week. (Thank you for those who prayed for peace and grace for Nancy’s family.)

I think that Jesus may have offered something simple to ask for so that we had something basic to be grateful for. And to remind us that sometimes we need to be the answer for all the people without daily bread.