God doesn’t do branding the way we do

Storms are amazing.

baseball-sized hailThe power of water molecules coming together to form baseball-sized chunks of ice on a warm day is astonishing.

But they don’t have a stripe across them that says, “Made by God.”

Thunderclaps roll across the vast valley with a roar louder and more encompassing than the best sound system you’ve ever heard.

But they aren’t the shout of a loud voice exclaiming, “I’m up here – this God giving you a loud sound!”

The light show that comes along with thunder is incredible – the contrast between the dark sky and shards of light zapping down from above brings a gasp or shout out of the very calmest person.

But they don’t spell out, “Brought to you by God, Inc.”

And then the rain comes. Great sheets ripping down from the sky.

But all that water can’t even be packaged in bottles, labeled, “Pure from the source, God.”

So listen for God the next time the sky starts to darken. You can hear his voice.

Paul Merrill writes here every first Friday.

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