Be helpful

A hospital colleague asked about power-of-attorney paperwork. I answered his specific question. And then, because I know that he may get related questions, I provided a little background and a couple of next steps he can share with patients.

Our work as chaplains includes sending notes to the families of people who have died. This comes in the workflow of charting the interactions we had with the family and coworkers, with taking care of faxing official documents, and processing our own response to the death. Sometimes it’s a jarring shift of focus. Sometimes another chaplain, less consumed by the rest of the process, will address the envelopes for us.

You have examples from your world, too, I’m guessing, of specific helpful actions. They are actions that equip another person to do their work better, or that ease the process of their work. By doing these things, we are not taking over their work and making it our own. Instead, we are supporting them in accomplishing their work.

it's @hope_swanson. baker.When Paul introduced Phoebe to his friends in Rome, he asked them to show her the respect that was due to all leaders, and he asked them to help her “in whatever way she may have need of”. He described her as being helpful to others and to Paul himself.

He makes helping each other into an act of spiritual service, a practical application of love. But helping this way takes being aware of the work of others, being responsive to the needs of others in doing their work, and then accomplishing a piece of their work in a way that moves them along rather than distracting them, disrupting them, or seeking credit from them.

Sometime this afternoon, be like Phoebe.