A few ways to give

“Give to those who ask, and don’t turn away from those who want to borrow.” -Jesus said that in Matthew 5:42.

Some people ask, and some people don’t.

Carrying out Jesus’ request has come into focus in new ways for Heather and me. We’re involved in a new church in Denver, RiSo. Our focus is “the last, the least and the lost.” (Each of those terms describes me at various points during any given week!)

Homeless individuals are an integral part of the church. I’m slowly getting to know two homeless men and learning more of their stories each week. They are smart, resourceful… and complicated!

I’m still figuring out ways I can make a meaningful difference in their lives. And they have already taught me more than I could ever teach them.

So there’s no tidy way for me to answer the question, “How do you best give to homeless people?” But we’re trying to figure it out, at least on a small scale.

a car's full gas gaugeAnother way God pushed me to give happened recently. We were selling our beloved Honda Fit. The couple who traded a cashier’s check for that collection of metal, glass, plastic and rubber is very nice. We connected almost immediately… that made saying goodbye to our car a little easier.

So as I was preparing the car to leave our family, I filled up the tank with gas.

That’s a really small thing – but what fun it would have been to see their expression the first time they looked down at the fuel gauge!

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