A reflection from a sermon of Jesus.

In the moment of uncertainty, we want to see the certainty of things being fixed.

Jesus responds to this longing for things to be better, for things to be made whole.

One day, Jesus spent some time healing people who were sick. He demonstrated his power over the evil that was holding people captive. And then he sat down, and looked up at the people who were there to hear his teaching.
At the twelve.
At the other disciples.
At the people who had traveled from all over to hear what he had to say.
They were people like us, people who had needs and questions and concerns and hopes and dreams. People who wanted to hear from God, wanted to know God’s power.

conversationHe looked into their faces, into their eyes and said, “Blessed are you who are poor.”

You know that you don’t have enough of whatever it takes to feel the richness of God. You know that money will not fill you, not all the riches of the world. But because you know that you are poor apart from the kingdom of God, you will be rich in the kingdom of God. My kingdom.

He said, “Blessed are you who are hungry now.”

Who know that the best food will not fill the emptiness of your heart. You who are following me from town to town, depending on the graciousness of other people, on the daily provision from God to fill your stomach, who are praying daily for daily bread. You will be filled.

He said, “Blessed are you who weep.” Who weep at my words, who feel a grief at the ways that you have ignored God, at the ways that people are hurting at the hands of other people. You who are open to the pain that comes with seeing evil at work in the world.
You will be comforted.

He said, “Blessed are you who follow me and are mocked and bullied, who are misunderstood and mishandled.”

Blessed are you who will live in Africa and in China and in Syria and will be murdered in the middle of the day and arrested in the middle of the night because you follow me. Your reward will be great in heaven.

Because, my friends, my followers, this life is not the only part of life. There is more.


A reflection on Luke 6