Type or text or snowdrops.

It’s a Wednesday morning for getting a bunch of things out of my mind.Snowdrops

  • On Tuesday, Nancy texted me at home and asked me to check on the snowdrops out in front of the house. Because of her knee, she’s not been doing her usual outside exploring. I looked. They are blossoming. With bitter cold weather a couple of weeks ago, political complaining on all sides, lots of people I care about feeling feeling tired and sad, it’s refreshing to see a flower that just grows in February. Small plant, small flower, faithful to its purpose. Snowdrops are an encouraging reminder of the value of small acts.
  • Also on Tuesday, my friend Leanne asked, “type or talk?” She wants to know whether people want to work with her using text-based interactions, like email or texting or using video-based scheduled interactions like Skype or Zoom. I realized that I can’t answer that simply. Sometimes I need to type with a keyboard to for sentences, to shape thoughts, to find out what is going on inside my head. Sometimes I can text, but not if it takes reflection. Sometimes I need to move to video so by pauses and inflection and thought can be represented as it emerges. And sometimes I need to sit in the same room. And be silent. That continuum, by the way, is sometimes frustrating to the people who want me to comment on something. I need to make a connection between the message, the amount of thought and heart processing, and the medium of interaction. (And sometimes figuring out that connection takes forever. (sorry)).
  • Ash Wednesday is March 6. Sometimes it takes awhile for books, like Lent for Non-Lent People, to arrive from the publisher. (If you’ve read it in the past, found it helpful, and not reviewed it, please review it.)

I put a version of this post in a video.