It gets messy

“Creation looks forward to the day when it will join God’s children in glorious freedom from death and decay.” Romans 8:21

Looking for beauty where most people don’t look

Almost everything on this planet is not the way it should be. Yes, there’s beauty in a lot of what’s out there, but there is freedom in realizing that when we see things that are not as they should be, it’s OK.

I’ve been trying to help out in a crisis situation. I’m not well equipped to help. But I have been doing my best – and seeking God to provide healing, strength and wisdom.

No one is at fault. And everyone is at fault.

My own life echoes some of the challenges I see in the situation. I’m at fault in what could happen to me.

I’m thankful that God is the author of life: “…God, who gives life to all…” 1 Timothy 6:13.

As we look at difficult situations, I prefer to look at what’s good rather than dwelling on the bad – not in a head-in-the-sand kind of way but rather in a way that means looking for the bright parts of life rather than the darkness.

One way that I’m able to look at the brighter spots is by asking God to change my heart.

Paul Merrill writes here every first Friday of each month.