God’s efficiency

God is not efficient – at least in human terms.

blossoms on a tree in springtimeFlowers are delicately and sometimes flamboyantly beautiful. God lavished His creative powers on these very ephemeral plants (Matthew 6:28-30). It’s like Monet spending weeks on a painting, knowing that the canvas would degrade the day he finished.

A shepherd lost one of his hundred sheep. When Jesus told that story, someone with a hundred sheep was not poor. Yet that shepherd left his 99 behind to find that one lost sheep. (I always wondered if any of the 99 wandered while he was looking for that little lost lamb.)

I love efficiency. I’ll meticulously figure out the shortest path to a destination and then never waver from that line.

But I’m trying to not be efficient when I spend time with people.

I’d like to give that person my full attention.

I’d like to not think about my next pressing duty.

I’d like to be extravagant in giving small gifts. I’d like to think about what that person really wants and not what I think they want.

Will you join me?


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