People to talk about this weekend.

three thingsYou and I both spend time scrolling through the internet. We’re looking for stories. (Maybe we’re looking for arguments but I think we’re mostly looking for stories.)

Here are some people stories to read and maybe to talk about this weekend.

1. Sister Jean turned 100 this week. My friend Jeff Arnold wrote about Sister Jean, a nun from Loyola. She’s the basketball team chaplain, but has lived a century following God.

“I’ve been a joyful person all my life,” Sister Jean said Wednesday. “Sometimes, people look at me and say, ‘How can you be happy all the time?’ Well, I am happy. I try to look at the good upon everybody I see.

“Joy is so important. Sometimes you’re going to have sad days, but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost our joy. You can still have that.”

2. A few years ago, I wrote about Philip, one of the early leaders of the Church. He started as second string to Stephen (the one who was stoned), appeared in a great story about meeting a guy in the desert, and then sort of disappears. At least from 4th grade Sunday school. His story is worth reviewing, I think. The story of a dad; part one, part two, part three

3. My dad died in 2011. I just reread the eulogy I wrote. It captures him well, I think, and challenges me.Some of you haven’t been around here long and haven’t had a chance to read it. Jon’s eulogy for his dad. 

4. What does it look like to study the Bible in a group as a conversation? I explored that awhile back. Here are the posts in the series”

5. And though it’s several months to Christmas, you can read Saint John of the Mall. And now is a great time to think about ordering copies for a group or church study of that book.


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