We want a king

Israel was jealous. Surrounding nations had kings. Their king was God – but he didn’t have flesh. They couldn’t see their king.

a crown, floating in airSo they asked for a king. God said yes, but He warned them having a king  would cause problems. They didn’t care… “give us one anyway!”

One of our problems is that we always want to see things. It’s harder for us to believe when we can’t see. That’s the opposite of what Paul asks us to do in 2 Corinthians: to “live by believing and not by seeing.”

I’m facing belief without sight right now. I (Paul) lost my job a few months ago. Waiting on God to open up the door to new employment is a very stretching exercise in trusting God! I can’t see what’s ahead.

I was in my last job for almost six years, and after it was gone, I realized I was trusting in the job and not God.

This is a great opportunity to trust in God – as usual, it’s not one I would have chosen. But God knows best!

I hope this finds you believing in God without having to see.

Paul Merrill writes here every First Friday.

Photo courtesy of Pro Church Media on Unsplash. Used via a Creative Commons license.