A storm.

Lots of thoughts, no one thread. Like waves.

You know the feeling. I know you do. Because I’m getting emails from you and from me.

And I don’t want to minimize the struggle you are having at this moment with some platitude.

So a story.

There was a storm so bad that experienced sailors were in fear for their lives. Real storm, real fear. And Jesus, asleep in the boat, was shaken awake by the sailors. He said, “Peace” to the wind and the waves. And they were still.

And the sailors were more afraid of him than they had been of the storms.

That said, they still struggled to believe him, still struggled to trust him, still had questions and uncertainty.

But he didn’t turn away from him and he didn’t turn away from them. Because the story that was happening in their lives wasn’t about their career or bodily safety. It was about becoming people who walked with him for the rest of their lives and beyond.

I cannot promise that you will get answers today or healing tomorrow or a job next Tuesday. Not even if you pray real hard.

I can say that I’m confident that the wind and the waves actually stopped that day. And that you can talk to him about it. And that he’s not currently asleep in the back of the boat.