About jets and pelicans.

Nancy and I took a few days away visiting friends Nancy has known longer than she has known me. When I travel, it takes a few days for my pieces to come back together. While I’m waiting, a few observations.

And some writing, because, as I mention in this conversation with Dr Lee Warren, writing with a keyboard is often how I learn what I’m thinking.

At one point, I looked out the plane window and realized that often, the view from 30,000 is more cloudy than we think. As we got closer to the airport, the sky was clearer and I could see how many buses were clustered around the school, how many trailers were parked around how many warehouses there were.

And I realized that when leaders or conversationalists focus on the big picture, their view of what is actually happening is often blocked by clouds. Or we are captivated by how many units there are. In contrast, when Jesus talks about God’s awareness of things, he talks about sparrows being noticed. Rather than how many, Jesus says, God is interested in each.


Speaking of the conversation with Lee, it goes far beyond talking about writing. Lee and I talk about how to help people who are in the middle of bad news. Lee knows that subject well. A neurosurgeon by training, he just published I’ve Seen the End of You, a book that addresses the question, “When there’s no hope of recovery, how do you recover hope?” (I reviewed it at Socialmediachaplain.com). It was great to talk with him. (If you found me because of that conversation, welcome!)


I didn’t know that pelicans fly in “V” formation like Canada geese.

The night before we left on our trip, we heard Scott Erickson say that a way to bring wonder back into our lives is to ask the question, “What don’t I know?” (He said lots of other things, too.) So on the trip, I tried to pay attention to things that I don’t know.

There are many.

And many aren’t your business, at least not at the moment. But it may be that you didn’t know pelicans travel that way. At less than 30,000 feet. So they can see clearly. Each fish and each other.

See you tomorrow.

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