More temptation.

Yesterday we looked at the first of the temptations that we know that Jesus faced in the wilderness. (For all we know, there were others) In the other two temptations he also looked beyond his own glory and comfort and reputation to God’s.

When provoked to jump, based on a misapplication of one verse, Jesus looked at the whole of scripture, and his trust in the Father and his knowledge of the Father. And he responded – “don’t test the love of the Father simply for the sake of testing.”

This doesn’t mean that love is uncertain, or conditional. But it does remind us that we can focus on the breadth of that love and not create false tests. “God, you have to do this, or I’ll never listen to you again” may be that kind of a testing of that love.

And that last temptation, everything for the sake of worship.

Jesus responded with “worship and serve God alone.” That marks the end of the tempting for Jesus for that season.

It does make me wonder, though, where have we worshipped and served other gods for the sake of our own glory?

Here’s a thing I started thinking about when I was looking at this situation.

“Just give me your name and address and I’ll give you access to the world.” That’s the appeal of social media.

And then we get constant updates, constant reminders, constant contact. At some point, much of our attention and emotions and actions are in response to that social media channel. Which looks a lot like worshipping and serving.

I need to think about that more. Maybe you do, too.


Reflecting on the readings from the first Sunday in Lent: Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7, Romans 5:12-19, and Matthew 4:1-11.