Why does God want me to wait?

kitty cat staring out a windowAs some of the faithful 300 Words a Day readers know, I (Paul Merrill) have been looking for a job. God did provide a job. I found out I was hired on Friday, February 28th.

Of course, it was super exciting to hear the news. And I’m rejoicing about God’s gift to me!

What did I learn?

  • God blessed me with many friends who faithfully prayed for me during the journey. They were and are a huge encouragement.
  • God taught me a little more patience. His timing is almost always different than mine.
  • I am weak. Some days were really low. It was often easy to focus on my own pain at the loss of my previous job and related feelings of rejection.
  • God is strong. I spent more time in prayer than when I had a job. Jesus wants us to have the faith of kids (Matthew 18:2-4). They are simply needy. God wants us to ask, just like how parents want to hear from their kids. I learned once again how dependent I have to be on God.
  • Our little kitty loves me. I got to spend more time with him than “normal life” allowed.

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