A prayer for the second Sunday in Lent.


Abram was called by you and loved by you and blessed by you. But you say that it wasn’t his amazing personality or his wonderful business skills or his faithful worship that was behind the call and love and blessing. It was you all along. 

We forget that, God. 

We work hard sometimes, but sometimes we don’t work as hard as we think we should.

And we lament that our personalities are mostly boring and our business skills are run of the mill and our worship is sporadic, at best. 

But it is you all along. You called him, not because his personality was wonderful but because yours is. You are a remarkable conversation partner, listening well, willing to speak our language, to wear our bodies 

You loved him, not because he was so successful in business but because you love us before we love you, while we are still wrecked. And you bless us, not because we bless you with song and story, but because you are the one who blesses. 

Abraham was a wandering Aramean and you called him and loved him and blessed him. You talked with him and forgave him and showed patience with him. 

And that is what you are willing to do with us. 

May we give you a chance. 

May we rest in your calling and love and blessing. 

Through Christ our Lord



Inspired by the readings from today,  Genesis 12:1-4 and Romans 4:1-5, 13-17.