Learning about loving the people you love.

A couple weeks ago, I finally realized that my next book was for people who want to visit people in the hospital, but don’t know where to start the conversations. I set a publication deadline, told a couple people about it.

On Saturday, a friend told me that it could be a very short book.


So I’m pivoting for to consider how to talk with people in crisis. How to pray, how to listen, how to help, how to shut up. All this when you have to keep your physical distance.

Debating about who to blame for the need to provide comfort isn’t helpful to the people in the crisis, to the family members who can’t come to the hospital. Figuring out love looks like is a worthwhile pursuit.

I’m involved in my own practical research these days. You are, too.

Let me know what you are discovering about loving others in these days of disruption, when your habits of intersection with people aren’t enough to maintain relationship. When your peace can’t come simply from comfortable patterns.

What are you learning about loving the people you love? And the ones you don’t?