Give me a word.

Some of you who are regular readers know that from time to time I mention a word that Nancy gives me. What happens on those days is I say “give me a word because I need a writing prompt.” She pulls a word out of her mind at that moment, and I use it as a starting point for writing.

I want to figure out how to be helpful. But I don’t have enough margin to be able to do lots of one on one conversations. So what I’d like to suggest, for readers of 300, is that you can email me questions at

If you use that address (which is the address that’s associated with my new book) I can filter your questions and then I can use those questions or comments as a guide for writing posts at 300.

I’m inviting you to give me writing prompts. Ask me questions in relation to what’s going on, ask me questions in relation to whatever connects to what you think is about.

I will spend some time using that as a way to trigger my writing. At the moment my mind is pretty captured by what’s happening at work. My creativity doesn’t have a whole lot of margin, and I have a tendency to write in relation to the things that I can’t talk about.

So this would be a tremendous help to me and to your co-readers, as we are moving into new rating.

I’m grateful for your faithful reading, and comments, and I look forward to figuring out a new phase of being helpful together. Thanks.

It may take a couple ground rules.

If you need help in an emergency, call 911.

I won’t use your name. Or any other identifying characteristics, other than a friend of mine said.

You up for this?

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