With the wind.

I needed a run. It was 44 degrees. The wind was about 12 miles an hour. And I didn’t feel like running into the wind for half of a run.

I’ve run in colder weather. I’ve run in stronger wind. But at this point in my running life, I’m not trying to prove much, I’m trying to be healthy, as much as it is up to me.

So while we were out walking, I asked Nancy if she would give me a ride and drop me off so I could run home. She said, “sure!” And so, after our walk, I changed, and she drove me to a corner a couple miles from our house.

I ran home.

I got the exercise. I wasn’t fighting. I didn’t complain.

Sometimes we can choose to run with the wind.

We can accept the encouragement. We can sit for a little bit this weekend. We can turn off the endless news and arguments. We can stop feeling the need to be experts on speculation. We can be carried in grace rather than proving our worth. We can spend time on the phone with those who know us. We can spend a few moments in lament rather than false bravado or endless forced cheeriness. We can be open to the presence of God. We can. Rather than have to, we can.

My friends, this weekend may you know the peace of God that passes understanding, and the power of God that strengthens frail hearts, and the breath of God that gives life.

May you run with the wind.



While I was running, I listened to “Why poetry matters” on the Pastor-Writer podcast. It was good company. It’s a good podcast for pastor-writers.