A prayer for the second Sunday of Easter


You already know this, but I have to say it out loud:

We feel trapped.

We feel trapped by executive orders to stay in place.

We feel trapped by an invisible virus, or our fear of it.

We feel trapped by the loud combative opinions, citing opposing facts and models, of the people around us. People we used to trust but are not certain of.

We feel trapped by all the demands for our money and attention and agreement.

We feel trapped by our inability to keep up.

And we are trapped enough, some of us, that we are ready to explode at someone: You, the other side, people we care about and care for, ourselves.

God, our hearts are not glad and our tongues do not rejoice and our bodies do not rest secure.  If asked, we could, perhaps, write a song of lament, but we could not join David is a song of praise.

So today God, I ask that you will somehow walk through the locked door of our upper room and show us your hands and side and say, simply and quietly, “peace be with you.”

And when our trapped-induced fear and panic subside, I ask you to help us live as if you are our God and we are known and loved by you.

Give comfort to the broken-hearted, healing to the sick in spirit, courage to the faithful. Release us from our fear, I ask.

Through Christ our Lord.