A prayer for Trinity Sunday.


In the beginning.

In the beginning, you.

In the beginning, things were good.

In the beginning you created creatively. You created vibrantly. You created gloriously. You created potential and reality and it was very good.


We are not in the beginning any more.

Things feel chaotic more than creative.
Things feel failed and flawed and fearful rather than good.


Your people have sinned, my tribe has sinned, I have sinned.

We try to put loving each other at the top of our list, and we cannot do it on our own. We try to put loving you on our list, but we cannot do it on our own. Our ways of thinking and of acting are all muddled up right now.

It feels almost like the beginning, now that I think about it. Our days formless and void, our plans impossible, our relationships uncertain.

And in the beginning, you Spirit, were hovering over the waters. You, Jesus, were there as the word, speaking light and land and life. You, God Almighty, were there with loving powerful presence.

And you, God in three persons, invite us into your relationship.

God, may this be the beginning.

Through Christ our Lord.