Finish. A recommitment of sorts.

I sort of picked the word “finish” as a word for the year. In a post in January, I talked about finishing the work. I pointed to a church Paul knew that had started collecting money to help people but now needed to finish the work of actually getting the money to Jerusalem.

(Even as I type that, I’m reminded of my commitment to raise funds to help support 22 kids along with Rich Dixon’s Hope and Freedom Challenge (thanks to those who have given already (here’s where to give.).).)

We’re at the start of the second half of the year. And having thought over the weekend about my mother’s life, I’m thinking about finishing. Perhaps it’s a good time to talk about some ways to finish.

Complete a set distance, as in Paul’s comment that he finished the race. If you are running a marathon (or a 5K), to finish, you somehow cover the whole distance.

Clean up the construction debris. I’m in the middle of one building project, and just build a walnut box, but those won’t be finished until I clean up the scraps, store the tools, and sweep the floor. But that means that there may be other projects that you or I could finish by simply cleaning up.

Graduate. I’ve been involved in some long-term mentoring times with people where I finally thought, “It’s time for you to graduate.” So I had them stand up, I shook their hand, and they graduated. We were still friends, but that part was finished.

Resign. We can finish our work in a job (or a role or a committee) by resigning. It may be hard. There may not be anyone else to do it. But that’s not necessarily a barrier to us resigning. Particularly if our part is finished.

Apologize. We can finish an argument with an apology. It might include repenting (changing behavior).

Abandon the memory. Paul talks about forgetting what lies behind and pressing on. We carry burdens, expectations, failures, regrets with us. Sometimes, to move ahead to the finish, we need to be finished with those other things.

That’s my list of some ways to finish. You may want to add some of your own.