A prayer for the twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time.


We have always struggled to get along with each other.

If “we” means humans. And “always” means since there have been humans. And “struggled” means argue with and betrayed and preferred and killed and judged and mocked and owned and sold and dominated and envied. And “get along with” means valued and encouraged and loved and seen your creative work.

God, we are awful to each other. Group to group. Nation to nation. Person to person. We think it’s getting worse, some of us, though only you can make that assessment.

But God, we confess that we hurt each other in ways we don’t know.
We confess that we hate in ways that surprise us.
We confess that we overlook the ways to love that you invite us to.

After decades to think about it, Joseph greeted the brothers who betrayed and sold him.
He forgave them.
And he forgave you. He saw your wisdom through his story, your sustaining through his struggles, your provision through his persecution.


We need to learn how to love right now.
We need to understand how we can forgive.
We need to be guided by your wisdom.
We need to be less awful.
We need tiny miracles.

We ask in the name of the one who is love and forgiveness. We ask through you, Jesus.



Reflecting on Genesis 45. And this is available as a video at https://youtu.be/-t5LDqK7vcI.