Working on the answers.

Last week, I talked about some questions I’m working on. Today, Rich Dixon picks up on that idea.


What if we answered the questions Jesus asked?

I ran across that idea some time ago. Didn’t really do anything with it, but it’s sort of percolated in the back of my brain for a while.

Jesus asked a lot of questions. In church and bible studies we tend to study how others answer His questions – preachers, authors, characters from scripture – to figure out the “right answer.” Nothing wrong with that, as far as it goes.

Studying others’ responses lets me off the hook of examining my own heart. Memorizing the correct answers lets me avoid answering personally and honestly. I don’t need to ask Jesus to show me where I’ve gotten off track, where I might need to look a bit more closely at assumptions, biases, misunderstandings, where I might need to change behaviors.

So what if we answer for ourselves?

Here are ten questions Jesus asked. I chose them because I know the answer that would impress my small group. And because if I scratch that shiny surface I discover uncertainty and fear. I discover more questions, more conversations between Jesus and me as I crank my bike.

  • Who do you say I am?
  • Do you believe?
  • Do you want to get well?
  • Why are you afraid?
  • Why did you doubt?
  • Do you still not see?
  • Can any of you by worrying add a single moment to your lifespan?
  • Why do you harbor evil thoughts?
  • Can you drink the cup that I am going to drink?
  • Why are you thinking such things in your heart?

Please don’t make this a to-do list. I invite you to see if one of these (or another one) sparks a desire to dig a bit deeper, perhaps to start a conversation with Jesus.

When we’re sure about the answers, maybe we haven’t completely considered the questions.

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  1. Embarq

    Thank you as I needed to reflect on those questions at this time in my life. Your daily lessons always speak to me but today was exactly speaking to my heart. God bless you your family and ministry

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