A couple prayers for hospital people. And for you.


We need calm.

We’re almost afraid to say that word, or words like it. We are afraid we’ll jinx things, that mentioning calm or quiet will cause chaos.

I think we may even be afraid to say “jinx” in a prayer.

But we need calm.
In our minds.
In our hearts.
In our souls.
In our actions.

I ask today, for my friends, that the voice that has said “fear not” will bring calming to our lives and allow us to bring calm to the chaos we face.

Thank you, God.



We get to care for the people of a whole region.
Body, mind, spirit.

It’s an awesome opportunity.
It’s too great a responsibility for us to understand, most of us.

While we feel the burden for everyone and everything,
we can only help the person in front of us.
Clean the room in front of us.
Unravel the logistical logjam in front of us.
Discern the pain and confusion in front of us.

So I ask for wisdom that goes beyond our training.
Compassion that goes beyond emotion.
And acceptance that helping this person in front of me is how we care for the people of a whole region.

I ask this, God, for each of us today.



Our hospital system created a short daily video for our coworkers during the last few months. With many working from home, and with the changes and risk we were facing (and still do), some stories of coworkers and a daily prayer from a chaplain became an encouraging time. These prayers are from those sessions.

And if written prayers help you think, please check out my book, “God. We Need You.” It’s a year’s worth of Sunday prayers that start, as you might suspect, with “God.” I’d love for you to take a look at it and buy it if it looks helpful. 

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