Using prayers as templates for prayers – a gift for mental health professionals.

Last week, I shared a couple prayers. The next day, I received an email from Alison Doyle Andrews, LMFT. She had used one of the prayers as a template for her own prayer for mental health professionals.

I wrote back, asking if I could share it. I was pretty excited, actually, because when I share prayers, I’m offering them for a number of reasons. Sometimes, I’m talking with God for you and me. Sometimes, I’m helping you know that it’s okay to pray this way, that you won’t get scolded, by God anyway. And sometimes I’m hoping that it will give you ways to find your own words.

Alison said I could share it. And so I offer her prayer to those who are mental health workers, wrestling through helping us while facing all this yourselves.

Thank you, Alison.



We (I) get to care for the mental & emotional health of a community. 

Thoughts. Feelings. Behaviors.

It’s an awesome opportunity. It’s too great of a responsibility for us (me) to understand. 

While we (I) feel the burden for many people in a variety of situations & circumstances, I can only help the individual, couple, family in front of me.

Clean the couch in front of us (me).
Unravel the logistical logjam—billing, insurance, waiting lists, financial constraints, scheduling conflicts—in front of us (me).
Discern the pain and trauma in front of me.

So I ask for wisdom that goes beyond my training and education. Compassion that goes beyond what I can see in front of me.
And acceptance that helping this individual/couple/family in front of me is how I care for a whole community, and ultimately our world. 

I ask this God, for each of us today in the mental health field.