A prayer for the second Sunday of Advent


We light a candle called “Peace” today, in longing that we can find some.

You invite us to come to you, to be still with you, to ask for wisdom, to wait.

From time to time your disciples just sat and listened. Sometimes it was a stunned silence after you calmed a storm. Sometimes it was an after-party silence when they were contented. Sometimes it was a mid-argument silence where they waited for you to respond to the question.

Would you help my friends listen for you? And would you please let them know you are with them?

Through Christ our Lord I ask.



Sit in a quiet room and say, “God, I’m listening.”

You don’t have to sit long. It may be hard to find a quiet place. But simply stopping and setting aside the chaos for 10 minutes can open up a conversation with God.

You don’t have to ask for anything in particular. Simply say, “I’m here. I’m listening.” And listen with your heart.

If something comes to mind (or heart) write it down.


This is some background for today’s reflection in Giving a Year Meaning: A Healing Journal for Advent 2020. Learn more at 2020Advent.com.