Giving away a treasure

From Paul:

An important part of Advent is giving.

True, we are hit on all sides by, “It’s the season to give!” The Salvation Army is outside my neighborhood supermarket. My email and snailmail inboxes are barraged with requests for Christmas gifts – which can be appropriate and good.

But what about giving outside your normal expressions of generosity?

One of the ways I enjoy giving is by writing letters and postcards. It’s a more unique expression of who I am than a text, phone call or email. And it leaves something in the hands of the receiver that lasts longer than an ephemeral digital message.

After my dad died, he left behind a suitcase of antique postcards that somehow ended up in my care. I’ve enjoyed sending them during the ensuing years.

My treasure then becomes someone else’s. And I get to share expressions of the dad who loved me with others.


From Jon:

When I wrote today’s journal question in Giving a Year Meaning: A Healing Journal for Advent 2020, I was thinking about Paul and his letters and his story. He’s my model for sharing treasures. And now you have his story to share, too.

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