A prayer for the fifth Sunday in Lent


Our failure is in our minds all the time.

That’s not even a confession, an agreement that we are wrong.

That’s a resignation.

We fail at tasks we attempt.

But more than that, we are imposters.

We are middle-schoolers who can’t fit in, who can’t understand, who simply can’t.

We respond to that feeling in many ways. With anger, with fear, with motivation. But we mostly, when we are alone, believe we are all alone.


We are not alone.

You see us.

You know us.

You love us.

In all the anonymity, you see us.

Deep down inside, you know us.

In spite of all that we think we are,

you know better, and you love us.

Help us, bit by bit, to see you more than our failure in our minds all the time.

And to live as ones who are loved.

Through Christ our Lord