Praying together on a Monday

All the time, I’m sitting with people and with God and I’m turning from looking at the people to looking at God. And in my mind’s eye I have my arm around their shoulder. And sometimes in real life I take their hand. And I start to talk to God. And I say, “ah God.” Or something else that starts from deep in our hearts.

And I ask for something.

Courage. Peace. Wisdom. Help. Strength. Healing. Healing of bodies and relationships and minds.

And I acknowledge that things look bad, our hearts hurt, our minds are fuzzy, our prospects are dim.

And I acknowledge that I can’t even figure out what to ask for because I can’t figure it out.

But I ask for the things that you and I have been invited to ask for.

As I write this, I’m in the middle of tired. I’m guessing that you, as you are reading it, might be in the middle of tired too.

So I’ll stop writing and you can stop reading, and we can hold each other’s hand, and we can both turn to God.

And together we say, “Ah, God.” And we wait, together, you and me. And God.