Today Rich Dixon helps us think a little more simply:


“What’s the big deal about Jesus?”

With Easter approaching, I thought for some reason about the question someone asked me a long time ago. It’s a question with many possible answers from many perspectives.

He implied that Jesus was not quite worthy of the time and effort I spend following Him. While I think I need to focus more on Jesus, my friend didn’t quite get it.

How to respond? I suppose I could choose some lofty lyric from an inspiring hymn. I might attempt to impress by quoting one of the few bible verses I’ve managed to memorize. Maybe I could dredge up some C. S. Lewis analysis, or offer one of my self-created and somewhat tortured metaphors.

That’s my normal approach. Someone asks a challenging question and I blabber a bunch of words and later I wonder What was I thinking?

So, in the context of my long-ago conversation I surprised myself with my answer.

“Jesus loves me.”

I enjoy reading C. S. Lewis and studying the bible. I appreciate worship music. As anyone who reads my writing knows, I believe metaphors are an effective teaching tool.

However, sometimes that stuff gets in the way. Sometimes the theology and the worship format become the thing, and we forget how simple following Jesus really ought to be.

“Love God and love your neighbor” too often gets lip service. We say it, but it gets lost in human-created structures and organizations and lists of rules.

And then someone asks a question and the Spirit leads me away from my usual tendency to say a bunch of silly words. I remember the opening line from the simplest of childhood songs.

What’s the big deal about Jesus?

He loves me. And you.