Checking in.

Hi. I’m Jon. I’m still around.

I’ve been rerunning some reflections on Psalms for the past two weeks (apart from the posts from Rich Dixon).

It grows out of my morning readings of Psalms for the past few months. I decided that a way to learn a worldview would be to spend time listening to it. And sharing previous writings would give me some space to do that.

The result of not writing, however, is that I miss out on thinking. Writing is my best way to learn what I am thinking.

Wednesday morning, choosing between a couple books or my phone, I wrote this: So. I choose I attend to next or or I choose to let someone else choose what’s next. And I need to ask my social media feeds, “What is the basis for the choices they offer me? What do they want from me? What do they want for me?”

After I wrote that, I went back for the second day to Psalm 19, reflecting on the three parts of the psalm.

The writer watches the sunrise and thinks about ways that the immense detail of outside is a poem about God’s creativity and power.

Then the writer thinks back through the teachings in Deuteronomy, the immense detail of the law spoken to Israel, writing about the way interacting with it can offer instruction and light and refreshment.

And then the writer looks into his own life, reflecting on the immense detail of our thoughts and actions, asking God for insight:

“But who can discern their own errors?
    Forgive my hidden faults.
Keep your servant also from willful sins;
    may they not rule over me.
Then I will be blameless,
    innocent of great transgression.”

I did spend time in my social media feed. It’s how I share these posts, after all. And it’s a way that I can be part of your algorithm. But the time with the sunrise and the law and the lawgiver was helpful.