Peace be with you.

There was about half a post. And then we ate supper and then we both napped and then we watched Jeopardy. And then I came back to finish the post.

And then it was gone. I don’t mean from my memory. I mean the words I had typed were gone.

I could find them in my mind (and heart) of course. But Nancy said, “Tell them you are tired.”

She’s right, of course. We all are tired.

I’m not sure whether or not you know this but we’ve had a global pandemic, and disrupted schedules, and, as a result, disrupted habits.

There is a greater cost than we know to disrupted habits.

I’d talk more about that but, as Nancy said, I’m tired.

And so are you.

So, happy Friday. Take the time you were going to spend here and drink the rest of your coffee (or tea) while staring out the window or at the wall.

May God give you an awareness of his presence and his peace.

I’ll see you Sunday with a prayer.